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    Hearing Aid Technology

    Most individuals with hearing impairment can benefit from the use of hearing aids. There have been tremendous advances in the appearance and function of hearing aids in the past decade.  Keystone Hearing Aid Centre provides complete hearing aid services. After your hearing assessment, the clinician will review and interpret your test results and discuss amplification options. Some of the major recent advancements in hearing aid technology are listed below.Contact Us at our Brandon, MB clinic to learn more or to book your appointment.

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Some of the newest innovations in hearing aid technology involve connecting hearing aids to other devices such as mobile phones, home phones, televisions and portable music player - often wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. See the video below for a demonstration of how these devices can work for you.


    Extended Bandwidth

    Just like earphones or loudspeakers, hearing aids amplify within a certain range of pitches or frequencies. Today's hearing aids amplify out to a much higher freqency than previously.  This allows for:

    • Improved speech understanding
    • Better sound quality
    • Improved hearing in background noise

    Ultra-Zoom Capabilities in noise

    Microphone technology has improved significantly over the years allowing for better performance in noisy situations such as restaurants, meetings and family gatherings.   Highly directional microphones allow for better understanding of the speech in front of you while rejecting some of the ambient sounds occuring to the sides and behind.   These microphone features may be activated automatically by the hearing aid itself or by using a pushbutton on the hearing aids or a remote control.

    Invisible/Near Invisible Styles

    Small and discreet hearing aids have been around for quite a few years.  Some of the latest styles of hearing aids are so small that they really can be considered invisible.  See our hearing aid styles page for further information.