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       damage insurance - one claim
       per hearing aid*
  • 4 years all-inclusive manufacturer's
       warranty including repairs*
  • 3 years of batteries supplied
  • 3 years of complimentary
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    The Hearing Test

    At Keystone Hearing Aid Centre, your hearing will be evaluated by our hearing healthcare professional, Murray Smith, who is specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems. A hearing evaluation typically takes about 30-45 minutes. A typical hearing evaluation proceeds as follows:

    Step 1:

    Murray will take a detailed history to help us determine a potential cause for hearing loss. His questions may include:

    • Have been exposed to high levels of noise (occupational or recreational)?
    • Do you have a family history of hearing loss?
    • Do you have a history of ear infections/drainage from the ear?
    • Do you suffer from tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, chirping) in either ear?
    • Have you ever worn hearing aids? If so, what types of problems do you have with them?

    Step 2:

    Murray will inspect your ear with an otoscope to determine if any wax or debris is present in your ear canal and to assess the health of the eardrum.

    Step 3:

    Murray will then conduct a variety of specialized auditory assessments. These tests are typically conducted in a sound-treated room with calibrated equipment.

    Step 4:

    Following your hearing test, Murray will explain the test to you and make any recommendations based on your personal history, your hearing test and through a personal conversation with you. We take pride in offering long, unhurried appointments so we can be sure that you understand your test results and can offer our advice on what the next steps should be. These steps may include:

    • A Hearing Aid Evaluationn (HAE) where we talk about various options for amplification
    • Referral to your family doctor or an Ear Nose and Throat physician for treatment or further testing
    • A recommendation to monitor your hearing annually
    • Advice and counselling about using behavioural communication strategies to improve your communication abilities – whether with or without hearing aids

    For additional information or to book an appointment, please contact us at our Brandon, MB hearing clinic or book an apointment online.