Worry-Free Guarantee

  • 90 day return or exchange
       satisfaction guarantee
  • 2 years all-inclusive loss and
       damage insurance - one claim
       per hearing aid*
  • 4 years all-inclusive manufacturer's
       warranty including repairs*
  • 3 years of batteries supplied
  • 3 years of complimentary
       clinic visits, service and supplies
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    Why Choose Keystone?

    Murray Smith and Donna,  his wife of thirty-six years, have been serving Manitoban's with hearing difficulties for over 26 years. Murray believes that his experience and his team oriented approach will ensure that you are successful in hearing the best with the hearing you have.

    Keystone Hearing Aid Centre offers:  Free hearing evaluations, 60 day trial with the latest in digital hearing instrument technology, Hearing Aid Repairs , Swim plugs, Hearing protection and accessories Keystone Hearing Aid Centre offers service to rural communities, flexible hours of operation, home visits (by appointment).

    Choosing A Hearing Healthcare Provider

    It can be both frightening and daunting to acknowledge that you have a hearing loss. Many people experience years of frustration before seeking treatment. At first, it may be easy to dismiss symptoms as the result of other people mumbling or speaking too quickly, but Statistics Canada reports that 10% of the population has a significant hearing loss and that prevalence increases with age. Of course, there are many other potential causes of hearing loss, including noise exposure, heredity, trauma and others. If you have or suspect a hearing loss, choosing a hearing healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions you will make on your journey to improved hearing. All of the clinicians at Keystone Hearing Aid Centre are qualified Hearing Healthcare Professionals with extensive training in the identification and treatment of hearing loss and other disorders of the auditory system.

    In addition to the provider, it is important to ensure that the clinic you visit is independent and can provide products from a range of manufacturers. It is a somewhat recent and little known fact that many hearing clinics are owned outright by hearing aid manufacturers. It is important to inquire about this at your local hearing healthcare clinic. With the aging population and rise in the prevalence of hearing loss, there are many options for those choosing a hearing healthcare provider. Make sure you ask the right questions when you book your appointment.